About Flight Line Manager.

Flight Line Mangager is a suite of tools designed to help manage your flight related assests and was originally created to run an independant flying club with all the assests of an FBO (aircraft, flight school, varied pilot skill levels and qualifications, all with their own recurring maintenance, endorsements, qualifications and checkouts, etc.) but no paid staff to oversee and ensure these resources are maintained and ready for use. The tools and functionality provided handles all of the mundain, day to day tasks that need to be tracked then sends notifications to designated users when things need attention and integrates resource availability with scheduling so that your users don't make the trip to the airport only to find out they can't fly.

Our functionality set has been broken down into modules that can be scaled and customized to meet your specific needs be it an aircraft partnership, flying club or FBO. You controll what informtion you want to track and Flight Line Manager will free you from the administrivia allowing you to run your operation with minimal staff and allow you to focus on the importnt things, like flying and running a succesful, safe operation.